Backend resources for your codebase.

Incredibly simple integration. Extraordinary results.

if(session.counters.users === 10)
<button>Upgrade Plan</button>
<button>Add User</button>
<button>Delete User</button>

Painless integration

Your codebase already contains many features. Identifying them is simply a matter of wrapping code within access controlled blocks.

With Backstack, you have the flexibility to integrate functionality incrementally, ensuring a smooth and controlled transition without disrupting your current workflow.

Engineered for simplicity

Backstack merges online configurations with sophisticated API session management to provide a distinctive mix of metrics and functionality, empowering your codebase to easily handle otherwise complex application logic.

Effortless access control

Backstack offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to serve your application in unlimited variations. With features like domains, versions, RBAC, in-app purchases, and more, all simultaneously validated with a single function, you have the power to tailor your application for any requirement, effortlessly.

Monetization on autopilot

Once you define a fee, Backstack takes care of the rest, automatically generating invoices (and optional payment processing) without any additional effort on your part. Monetizing your application has never been simpler.

Result-oriented networking

Enable accounts to establish B2B networks, incorporating optional revenue-sharing models to foster mutually advantageous relationships. Promote growth, encourage innovation, and enhance sales for all participating parties.

World-class infrastructure

Your assets are delivered through globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs) with automated network mapping and intelligent routing. Data is cached across global CDN networks for immediate responses. Database instances are snapshot every 30 minutes, ensuring your data's safety and security.

Improve your bottom line

Discover new, untapped revenue streams. Reduce development costs and increase your time-to-market speed by standardizing backend development. Eliminate infrastructure costs and management while maintaining compliance and security.

Increase your confidence

The Backstack codebase and infrastructure are meticulously maintained by top industry engineers, ensuring worry-free utilization of the platform.

Delete some code

A significant portion of your backend code will become obsolete. You can hang onto it for a while, but eventually you'll realize deletion is the only option. We're sure it was some awesome code! We're here if you need us.